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  Hi, I’m David Burrows. The purpose or mission of my massage practice, named Turtle Mountain Healing, is to relieve pain, assist with injury recovery, increase mobility and ease, and to improve well-being of body, mind and spirit.  My highest level of specialization is in the area of massage for injuries.   The Touch Research Institute in Miami, FL, which is findable on a web search, lists quality research on massage.  

 I started doing massage years ago after discovering an ability to use my hands to effect healing. I’ve nine or so years of full time experience.  I have a Specialty Certificate in Clinical Rehabilitative Massage through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and the Academy of Clinical Massage.  I’m holistic, viewing health from more than one paradigm.  My massage sessions often include Acupressure Meridian release and trigger point therapy.  
Although I have specialized training in injuries that is Western and scientific, I often find that including the holistic massage techniques of Asian energy modalities, i.e., acupressure, opens a door to great results from my bodywork sessions; in fact, I love offering traditional Thai Massage in addition to Western Table Massage. I put in a few hours a week as a professional therapeutic musician in nursing homes and I sing in a few choral groups around Denver. 
   Currently, I will be on sabbatical from Feb 1 to April 16th.  My hours are usually all day Tues/Thurs at a home office in the BerkeleyRegis area and also within the offices of Aim High Chiropractic.   Send me a text, email or phone call and I’ll be glad to find an appt time for you. 



Turtle Mountain Healing Denver, CO

(720) 961-3490

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